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Oriana Sophia was raised between the Dominican Republic and New York which jumpstarted her penchant for people watching. She was born to be a performer. At age three she dazzled the audience with her ability to stay in character despite the other rowdy three year olds who weren't pleased to be performing Jingle Bell Rock.  She started dancing when she was four and took a break at age ten because she needed her free time to read. Her fascination with reading opened up the possibility of character analysis and at age 12 she begged her teacher to let her perform a monologue she had created based on the book Sadako and a thousand paper cranes.  As the years went on her boldness and fierceness led her to pursue a  career in acting. She graduated with a BA in Theatre from Hunter College where she focused on Acting and Costume Design. After graduation she found work as a Costume Designer while also attending the Maggie Flanigan acting conservatory where she spent two years learning the Meisner Technique.

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